Top Secret Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Lovely Designer Mirrors for Bathrooms Decor

Today – lifestyle, form and function for just about everything have altered, updated and emerged significantly from years past including that of bathroom decorating ideas. Bathrooms are no longer simply practical spaces of each home. They have glimmered into this realm of luxury, providing a retreat that’s but only a few steps away. Bathrooms now make a statement; the style is chic, contemporary, refined. The washroom that epitomizes luxury is generally the master bathroom. Of course, having the space to design your ultimate retreat is altogether favorable.

Aside from the master bath though, there is so much that can be done with the remaining bathing units. For instance, go chic with the guest bathroom, play up the kids’ bathroom or incorporate an African theme in the half-bath unit. With all the bathroom decorating ideas available boiling down the top selections could be considered work in itself. But, for now, let’s focus on the master bathroom. You might wonder where to begin when decorating the master bath? Usually a master bathroom entertains a toilet and bidet, whirlpool or spa tub and shower, and two sinks.

Taking into account the main fixtures just mentioned, plus the flooring, the wall designs, and the mirrors . . . there’s an entire canvas waiting to be explored. For a relaxed atmosphere, introduce neutral tones into your bathroom decorating ideas such as beige, tan, variations of brown, white, and cream. You can also include lighter shades of blue, green and yellow – soft tones. For a more bold approach, introduce darker shades on the walls and opt for light colored cabinetry and fixtures. If your intention is to have an art deco type of atmosphere, incorporate black, red, crimson and white into the design. Black fixtures with a combination of black, red and white tiles will provide the tone you’re looking for.

But you can always choose a themed bathroom too – like the beach. Decorate the bathroom with palm tree accessories, wicker baskets for hand towels and washcloths, bamboo window coverings, and more. Or go for any other theme that suits your tastes and brings your bathroom to life. You might even want to recreate your favorite vacation spot. So don’t hold back, just go for what will bring you pleasure and relaxation.

One additional fixture to consider into the decor are the countertops. Choosing the color scheme of the bathroom first will help eliminate the plethora of choices when it comes to countertop options. There’s wood, Formica, corian, granite, marble and so many variations of tiled countertops, it’ll make your head spin. The combination of choosing your theme or bathroom tone in conjunction with your budget will help you choose the perfect vanity space.

Keep in mind all the smaller fixtures you’ll need to add to your new luxury bathroom. You know, the shower head, spa tub faucet, handles, cabinet knobs, mirror, sink faucet and handles, and towel racks. You don’t want to stick the same old pieces back in. For continuity in your bathroom decorating ideas, keep the theme and feeling going when selecting all these small fixtures. You’ll end up with a refined, luxurious space that you can’t wait to relax in each day.

If interior design isn’t your thing and you’re seriously having trouble envisioning how luxurious your new bathroom can be, don’t worry. Any paint store or home improvement retailer should have loads of swatches as well as magazines for you to peruse all kinds of bathroom decorating ideas. You won’t have to completely start from scratch. You may even decide that you’d like to replicate a designer bathroom right from a periodical you’ve picked up. You’ll see how fun this can be and how your hard work will pay off once your new retreat is completed.

Make sure you’ve got your budget set before starting on your bathroom decorating ideas. Most of the time, remodeling or redecorating can fall over budget if you’re not careful. Put your initial bathroom decorating ideas on paper. So while you’re shopping the aisles at your local design warehouse or home improvement retailer, you’ve got your thoughts and budget in hand.

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