Choosing Bathroom Mirror

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Now that you’ve finished redecorating your bathroom, you’re on the lookout for something to give it that perfect finishing touch. Whatever the theme you have decided on for your bathroom, you should have a bathroom mirror as the top item on your list.

Do It Yourself?

While you may not really see yourself as a do it yourself type, you can make your own bathroom mirror. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you might think it would be.

You can design and create your own frame if you’re handy at woodworking. However, if you’re like most of us, you can just find a premade bathroom mirror which has an unfinished frame.

The advantage of an unfinished frame is that you can finish or decorate it any way you like. Varnish, paint, “antique” crackle and other effects – the choice is yours and you can create a unique bathroom mirror exactly as you see fit.

Before deciding how to finish or decorate your new bathroom mirror, give some thought to the decor of your bathroom. If yours is a nautically themed room, try rope and seashells against a blue frame. These effects can be added using waterproof glue.

And how about making a bathroom mirror which is truly personalized? You can cover your frame with favored photographs; them cover them with clear varnish to protect them from moisture. Whichever product you decide to use in making your own bathroom mirror, be sure that it is suitable for use in bathrooms before you apply it.

Ready Made Mirrors

You might instead decide that you’d rather have a bathroom mirror which you can simply bring home and hang. There are mirrors which fit any size bathroom and any size budget as well. Shop around and compare before you decide.

Look for a bathroom mirror which will integrate into the design which you have used for your bathroom. You can achieve a sleek modern look with a stainless steel framed mirror; but you will have to polish it often to maintain its look. Fingerprints can be removed with a little baby oil on a cloth; this also restores shine.

A wood framed bathroom mirror is somewhat harder to clean unless it has been varnished. Otherwise, you can’t polish the frame and the wood will be affected by the moisture of the room.

When you get a new bathroom mirror, make certain it is a design you like- because you’ll be seeing quite a lot of it.

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