Choosing A Modern Bathroom Vanity

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If you are looking to bring your bathroom more up to date and into the modern design world then you should think about getting a modern bathroom vanity. A modern bathroom vanity can make a big difference to the overall decor of your bathroom. When you are looking for a modern bathroom vanity just make sure that you have enough storage space as well as fitting the look that you are going for with your bathroom.

First consider what theme you want in your bathroom and determine how much space you have to work with. It is very important to place your modern bathroom vanity in the right area. Proper positioning of the vanity will set the mood and appearance of the entire room. A modern bathroom vanity will typically come with a brushed chrome or nickel finish and won’t have extra ornaments or decorations to keep with the modern look. Although you can also use natural stone or wood for a modern appearance.

The Contemporary Look

To stay within the theme of a contemporary decor for your bathroom you need to consider all the things that come along with your modern bathroom vanity. Often you will have a frameless mirror. The sink will be unusual in design and stand out in the room. Typically a modern bathroom vanity will have a vessel sink and the faucets will extend from the wall. A new option for the contemporary look is glass mixed with unstained wood.

How To Decide

Keep in mind how much storage you need when choosing a modern bathroom vanity since keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is all a part of the contemporary look. There are plenty of storage options when it comes to a contemporary bathroom. You can use door racks for your electric shavers and hair dryers. A medicine cabinet can be an excellent place to store toothpaste, deodorant and towels. You can choose medicine cabinets to either be on the floor or mounted on the wall depending on the overall decor you are trying to achieve.


It is easy to bring warmth and style to a contemporary bathroom because of all the options for lights, mirror and bathroom vanities. Planning out your theme in advance is very important and will help to ensure that you do not install the wrong decor. It is much easier to change things around on paper than it is in real life. You should also take your time when looking around for the right modern bathroom vanity. Changing home decor is something you should not rush. You should rather take your time and design it around your personality.

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