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Bathroom Floor Plans

Upon first inspection, it may seem easy to produce bathroom floor plans. After all, all you really need is room for a bath or shower, maybe both, as well as a toilet and a bathroom sink. Everything else is just decoration, right?…Read More »

Marble Or Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

I recently took a look at my bathroom layouts and thought that it could do with a new look. I figured that it was about time for a change of style as some of the features were starting to show their age.…Read More »

How to Lay Bathroom Tiles

Laying bathroom tiles is a job which can be either very simple or extremely difficult. It all depends, of course, on how many tiles you are laying and where exactly in the bathroom they need to go. Some people decide that the…Read More »

Getting Started With Bathroom Renovations

Does the thought of doing bathroom renovations fill you with excitement, or does it give you an uneasy feeling of dread? If it is the latter, do not despair. Although it can be a tough, daunting job, with the correct planning, it…Read More »

Selecting The Most Suitable Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are a main feature of most bathrooms as they can really have a dramatic impact on the overall decor and design of your bathroom. Bathroom vanities can also provide a location for your sink, as well as counter-top space and…Read More »

Choosing A Modern Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking to bring your bathroom more up to date and into the modern design world then you should think about getting a modern bathroom vanity. A modern bathroom vanity can make a big difference to the overall decor of…Read More »

Choosing Bathroom Sinks

There may be quite a few fixtures you want to change when you are remodeling your bathroom. Of all the fixtures within your bathroom, bathroom sinks are the most likely to give added character to the room even though many people don’t…Read More »

Wood Bathroom Mirrors

Wood Bathroom Mirrors are today’s decor of choice in the homes and as well as in hotel rooms. They are made from different types of wood frames. The favorite types are made from oak, cherry, maple and other hard wood frames. Wooden…Read More »