Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Thinking about upgrading your bath space; perhaps reviewing some bathroom wallpaper ideas? Wallpaper is the perfect and inexpensive way to fix up your wash area. It’s not generally the first item that one thinks of when deciding on updating a bathroom, but it’s a great option. The range of designs and colors for bathroom wallpaper is tremendous. And it even comes as self-adhesive paper now so it’s practically mess-free! You just need some water to moisten the back of the wall paper, then apply, press it out so it’s all flat and let it dry.

Just make sure to give it enough drying time before putting up any bathroom accessories like toilet paper holders or mirrors. Wallpaper needs at least 24 hours to dry properly before using the wall(s) again. If you think your space has something of a ventilation issue, then consider giving the wallpaper even more time to dry properly. Let’s discuss some bathroom wallpaper ideas now.

Light-colored wallpaper such as beige or cream work best for neutral bathrooms. These colors help open up the bath space too. And they generally coordinate very well with various accessories and fixtures. In addition, to creating a more open look for the bathroom, light-colored wallpaper also creates a warm, friendly and soft tone for the space. Which may be exactly what you need after a long hard day at work.

For a unique look, paper the ceiling of the bathroom instead. Of course, the light fixtures will need to be removed first before installing the paper. And don’t forget to disconnect the electricity as well. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself in the process so proper precaution is a must! A bright pattern is a bold choice for wallpaper installation on the ceiling and works nicely with neutral walls. The ceiling will grab the attention of the eye when entering the room. And you can bet that most don’t even consider this wallpaper idea, so your space will be the envy of your friends and family.

Another option is to incorporate a faux-style wallpaper. This will create the look of marble and is easier to install since you don’t have to match up the seams. You may want to consider this selection for the back of open shelves or an open vanity cabinets too. The accessories and bathroom products will really pop, which means you get to have fun with your bathroom wallpaper ideas and shopping for new accessories!

Before beginning your wallpaper project, you must measure your bath space. Keep consideration on the walls (or ceiling) you’ll be papering to ensure that you purchase enough wallpaper. And the ever-present measuring rule to remember – measure twice, cut once. Write down your measurements and then measure it all again to confirm proper calculations.

Use a level for accuracy. Besides using a level will help you match up the pattern properly for the look of seamless wallpaper. Having the exact dimensions of your space will also help with planning out your design. If implementing wallpaper on the ceiling, here’s a little tip. Make sure to have 1 to 2 inches of extra paper along each side. Then trim once it’s dry. This way it’ll look like a professional job.

Stripes and geometric shapes tend to enhance the design of the bathroom. Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper design, try applying it to the largest wall in the bathroom. Then you can decide if you’d like to continue to wallpaper the remainder of the walls or simply have that one wall as the central highlight of the space. There’s much to work with from your bathroom wallpaper ideas, but it’s definitely one of the easiest and least expensive solutions for a quick bathroom upgrade.

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