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Sometimes triangular bathroom sinks are the most useful for a bathroom remodeling project. By placing a triangular bathroom sink in the room’s corner, you can gain extra space. Yet, the user will not be forced to bump an elbow against the wall to use that corner sink.

Triangular bathroom sinks are especially useful when turning a small area into a powder room or half bath.

Wall Mounted Triangular Bathroom Sinks

A wall mounted sink is one solution for a tight corner. A corner sink can be as narrow as 15-16 inches, and only a foot deep. This takes minimal space in a small bathroom, but allows for quick wash-ups or brushing teeth.

Corner Cabinets with Triangular Bathroom Sinks

A second possibility is to place a small corner cabinet. Run the pipes through the cabinet, and set a triangular bathroom sink on top. These vessel bathroom sinks make a bold design statement, and require little space. Even if you have a great deal of space, a triangular bathroom sink, sitting on top of a cabinet like a fine piece of china, can be a step toward elegance. The look can be nostalgic, too, as though you reached into history for an antique wash basin and pitcher.

Small Triangular Bathroom Sinks in Corner Vanities

A stylish corner vanity will hold a triangular bathroom sink in the smallest of washrooms – and look modern doing it. A unit of this type would probably look best in a business setting or a very no-nonsense bathroom.

Elegant Triangular Bathroom Sinks in Corner Vanities

If space is adequate, you may want to consider a more elegant unit with triangular bathroom sink in a triangular vanity. We saw three types:

* Like antique dressers, these corner sink vanities have marble tops and carved, rounded fronts. Some have hand-painted doors, looking like a Victorian era postcard.
* Asian vanities in this category have sleek, minimalist lines, and hold a triangular bathroom sink vessel on a “floating” cabinet top.
* A modern corner vanity is also sleek, in white or black. As with the Asian vanity, the triangular bathroom sink is a vessel that sits on a shelf “suspended” above the vanity.

Y-Mounted Triangular Bathroom Sinks

For an extremely space-age, modern look, you might want this triangular bathroom sink. Unlike most triangular bathroom sinks, this one has the point of the triangle toward the user rather than in the corner. It would not work in a corner, but in polished stainless steel, it makes a bold statement in a modern setting.

Beauty or Usefulness

Whether chosen for beauty or usefulness, triangular bathroom sinks can change a dull, boring bathroom into a conversation piece.

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