Bathroom Layout Ideas

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Grey Bathroom Layout Ideas

When renovating or remodeling a bathroom, consider what is probably the largest challenge in regards to bathroom layout ideas: how to accomplish incorporating the features you want along with the style you desire within the space you have. Your first limit when working on a bathroom layout is the space you have to work with.

Another limitation to consider is the current location of electrical wiring and corresponding outlets, as well as the plumbing. Generally most bathrooms have what’s called a “wet wall”. This is the wall that has all the plumbing in and out of the bathroom located within. So remodeling can be easy if you don’t have to move these things. But, if you’re making significant changes to bathroom, you’ll need to look into whether or not you can construct what you desire without changing things structurally.

Before you start the renovation, check with the local building department. You’ll need to find out about requirements and specifications you may have to meet. Your new bathroom may even require getting a permit, so double checking on this is quite important. Additionally, you have a few things to consider such as the bathroom layout, electrical switches and outlets, and plumbing location. All of these factors play a significant role within your bathroom layout ideas.

So beginning with your current layout, assess which problems are the most serious and require fixing. Consider whether or not there’s enough counter space for bathrooms that have more than one user. Are bathroom items such as toilet paper located conveniently? Getting an architect involved in your new bathroom layout ideas is a smart move, but you can do it yourself too. Just make sure to follow instructions as outlined by do-it-yourself courses you may attend and any books you may use.

Do you have adequate lighting in your bath space? You may want to consider a strip of bulbs over the mirror. But for a softer touch, ambient lights with pinpoint task lighting totally works. Consider indirect mood lighting for the ultimate touch to your new daily retreat. (It’s also a nice touch if adding a spa tub or whirlpool).

Let’s get down to the planning of the bathroom layout ideas. Begin with creating a detailed sketch of your current design. This first step is quite useful. Be sure to include all the walls, details on the locations of all doors (and windows), the length and width of the floor, shower and/or bathtub, and bathroom cabinets, the locations of all electrical fixtures and outlets, and the distances between major fixtures. When measuring the space between fixtures like the toilet, etc. you must measure from the center to create an accurate layout.

After you’ve decided on the new style of the bathroom, it’s time to select the fixtures. Beginning with the tub and/or shower, there are a number of choices. Beyond a standard bathtub, there are soaking, square and sunken tubs too. Or you can add a Roman tub, whirlpool, spa tub or free-standing claw-foot tub. The choice boils down to what you want, which kind of tub plays into the theme or tone you’re implementing in the space and ultimately, what you can afford too. Once you’ve decided on the largest most important fixture, the rest is practically a breeze.

Some bathroom layout ideas have self-rimming sinks while others include a flush or frame-rimmed sink. But there are also un-rimmed sinks that recess inside the countertop and are held in place with metal clips. Either way, the vanity, sink and mirror should be selected together so as to match in style and confirm that all will fit in the space allotted. Now, your new home spa will be finished in no time.

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